Nitrous Oxide for Children


Child in dental chair.

A Safe Way for a Happy Smile

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, slightly-sweet-smelling gas that's been used in medicine for over a hundred years. In dentistry, nitrous oxide is used as a conscious sedative, letting a patient feel happy, relaxed, and stress-free while still remaining awake for a procedure. It's safe, effective, and the effects wear off within minutes after the patient stops receiving the gas.

How We Administer Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide couldn't be easier to receive. We administer the gas through a small, clear mask that fits comfortably over the nose, and the mask ensures that the gas is always mixed with oxygen and kept at a safe level. Once we confirm that the patient is feeling the effects, we'll begin the procedure, and the patient can remain free from stress and anxiety throughout the whole process.

Keep in mind that nitrous oxide isn't the same as a local or general anesthetic, as it's classed as an anxiolytic - an anxiety reliever. For many procedures, though, anesthetic isn't needed, and nitrous oxide can help a child feel calm and comfortable throughout the treatment process. During the procedure, your child will still be fully conscious and capable of speaking, and we can adjust the dosage to make sure they're comfortable and alert. After completing the procedure, we'll turn the flow of the gas down to zero, and in just a few minutes, your child will feel completely back to normal.

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