When Should Your Baby See The Dentist


Did you know the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends your child visit a dentist when their first tooth comes in or no later than their first birthday? Seeing a dentist at a young age will encourage your child to maintain good oral health and dental habits throughout their life. 


Many parents wait until their child has all of their baby teeth, or wait until their child has an issue with their teeth, to make the child's first dental appointment. Scheduling dental appointments before your child's first birthday can have a lifelong impact on their overall health for many reasons.


Preventing Bottle Caries

Nursing or bottle-feeding can cause tooth decay, known as "bottle caries". Starting routine dental visits with your child early on can help prevent tooth decay in children. Though their baby teeth will fall out, tooth decay can cause dental problems later in life.



Children with healthy teeth are able to chew easily which enables them to maintain healthy nutrition. Your child's growth and development is directly impacted by nutrition.


Establishing Positive Dental Habits

The earlier your child begins visiting the dentist, the more familiar they will be with brushing and flossing. This will help lead to a lifetime of good dental habits. 



Like adults, many children fear going to the dentist. Starting routine dental appointments for your child will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed while seeing the dentist. 



We want all our patients to feel confident about their smiles, including our youngest patients. A recent study found that self-esteem is established by age five. Early dental visits will provide your child with healthy teeth and gums that help them smile confidently and aid in developing positive self-esteem. 


If your baby or child has never visited a dentist or has not routinely seen a dentist, we would love to help you schedule an appointment. We want to help ensure a lifetime of healthy dental habits. 


What to Expect

During a visit with your baby, we will check for bottle caries, discuss oral hygiene plans with you, offer nutrition education, and establish a relationship with you and your baby. For your older child's visit, we take the time to provide a thorough dental exam to check for signs of gum disease and tooth decay. We also provide nutritional education and help children develop good dental hygiene routines. 


The smile of a child changes continuously, reflecting their individual growth and development. At My Village, we provide the best care possible to meet the needs of each and every patient.